I’ve got to be honest, this is my entry into AMTAC’s Facebook free patch competition.

Go big, or go home.

I’m sharing their Facebook page:

And there’s a pic of a C2R belt that I’ve been trying out above. Search for C2R on this blog to see some of my reviews.

I’ve been buying C2R gear from AMTAC since they first started. Always a great experience and I have to say that they are very loyal to loyal customers.

Here are the rules of the Facebook competition:

So, who likes free stuff?

For the chance to win a patch, simply like and share our (Facebook) page, and we want to see a cool photo of your C2R kit.

Anything from a pouch to a plate carrier, out and about or on a shelf….we dont mind as long as its cool 🙂

Best 3 picked out by our independant judge wins a patch!

When we get to 1500 likes, we’ll smash out another competition 🙂

Good luck and get posting!