Cold Spear was formed from a hard core of individuals who wanted “a bit more” out of airsoft: more immersion, more training, more dedication and, perhaps most importantly, more milsim. Hailing from the Northern Powerhouse that is Liverpool UK, Cold Spear consists of six members and counts another YouTuber, FLeZ amongst their numbers.

I spotted S12 AKA  MattTheMusketeer‘s blaster on the team’s Facebook page, so thought I’d give him a shout.

Matt – welcome to the blog! How did you get into Airsoft?

After supporting Battlefield for a number of years I was looking for something else I could get involved with. I enjoyed the competitive edge and combat side of Battlefield, so the idea of doing something similar in real life grabbed me. I started airsoft around 2013 and began making it part of my YouTube channel soon after.

Tell me about Cold Spear.

Cold Spear was born out of necessity really. I play as part of a skirmish based team called RAID formed in Liverpool around 2014. We all played a lot of CQB and become a well oiled machine. Around 2015 a few members started to branch out in Milsim and after a lot of deliberation we decided a new separate dedicated Milsim team would work better. And so, Cold Spear was born. Currently is consists of around 6 players as we begin forming a more unified loadout and set up. The whole team now run TM Recoils!

What inspired your loadout?

My loadout is currently in a major transition period. With a new NCPC on its way as well as a Wendy Exfil Helmet and Semapo Multicam BDUs. This loadout is sort of nondescript general Special Forces, designed to work well and look the business! I am trying to keep it as light weight as possible for speed and CQB. High Speed Low Drag lyf…

I’m really interested in the crossover between civilian aftermarket parts and SOF blasters. What influenced your build?

Honestly? I was fortunate enough to buy the rifle with the Geissele mk4 rail already fitted. But that said I love its weight, and its a very smart looking rifle. It is pretty long at 13.5 inches meaning a suppressor or tracer unit is almost out of the question which is a shame but as a tall guy the size is good!

I love the SMR – I have two! Given that you inherited it with the build is it a stopgap or keeper?

I have always been a fan of military loadouts and a MK18 has always been on the cards. But I like it looking a little different, so for now the SMR stays! I am a big fan!

Funnily enough, I only run a rear BUIS on my M4.
My excuse is it’s seen in the wild. The justification for this is the front or rear BUIS can be used with a dead optic – its housing used as a ghost ring.
What’s your take on it?
Optics have always been a funny one. For the longest time I only ran iron sights, not seeing the need for a high accuracy optic on relatively low accuracy weapon. Neverthless I tried an Aimpoint T1 and I have never looked back. I have toyed with an SRS sight, but for me the compact size, simplicity and accuracy of a T1 makes it the number choice every time.
But I still run my rear iron sights for the appearance!
You’ve gone with a comp rather than a flash hider. Some readers will be surprised to learn that comps are seen in the wild. Motivation?

As a Pro Staff member at PTS, I’d love to tell you I chose the PTS BattleComp myself. In reality it came with the rifle. That said I am a big fan. It suits the size and style of the rifle build, complementing the rail.

I’m a big fan of the Vltor Emod. Did yours come with the base gun or is it specially selected?

The Vltor Emod is an interesting stock. Its certainly practical. My rifle is wired to deans and the stock allows more than enough room for any lipo, but I don’t think it suits the rifles look overall. I think it’s more suited to a MK18 build. I’d like to try a PTS MOE stock, but what they have in looks they suffer in practicality for battery carriage.

Are those URX rail covered on the SMR? Where did that idea come from?

Getting the right grip on your rifle is key, especially a longer rifle like mine. Having control of that front end so far infront of you is a must. I use a combination of URX rails and a URX hand stop combined with a Magpul RVG to allow quick and easy referencing and positioning, when transitioning or moving quickly

How does your blaster differ internally from a stock NGRS?

Internally my TM has had a complete overall, with a BTC Spectre Mosfet, Prometheus Gears, Eagle 6, M100 spring, recoil spring and spring guide, a short stroked Prometheus piston and piston head and a custom built high speed motor. The TM sits at around 348 FPS and about 19 RPS.

It’s refreshing to see an unpainted blaster; will it stay that way?

The rifle stays black! For all the choices and reasons previously mentioned. I like this rifle to be different and these days that seems to mean staying black!

Tell me about your role as a PTS Pro Staff member.

Being lucky enough to work alongside PTS is pretty awesome. PTS create some unique and quality kit that really stand out on the field and having the chance to work with them and opportunities that brings is amazing. As a Pro Staff member, I help test out new products, help give the guys at PTS feedback, promote PTS to a wider audience here in the UK as the only UK Pro Staff Member. I also get chance to go play with PTS which is awesome! I will be fighting alongside them this summer at Op Copperhead 2!

I loved the narrative in the [INVASION] video, because you can get a real idea of what’s going on; it’s also a really professional voice over.
 MattTheMusketeer is a hugely, hugely successful YouTube channel. What’s your approach to putting videos together?

For me YouTube is all about telling a story, taking people along with you on your adventure. Sometimes this means I have to simplify things, skip things and just make sure I create the most exciting and fast paced content I can. The formula I have seems to be working, so we shall continue and see where it takes us

Thanks very much S12/Matt!