It’s always disconcerting when someone wants to know my actual waist measurement.

If you actually measure your waist, it’s a bit bigger than the jeans size you wear. How weird is that? It’s like jeans manufacturers are lying to people about their greed.

However, divulging your actual waist size is the best way to buy a custom made belt which fits.

And that’s the only specification I needed to give to get a really well made, discrete, velcro inner belt which is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it.


The belt has loop-velcro along its outer circumference. This has two purposes:

  • To allow me to adjust the belt
  • To act as a foundation for a C2R hook-velcro MOLLE outer belt, which is the British company’s high speed low drag take on Crye’s MRB

Well, why not team the C2R with another well made, high speed low drag British product?

Flimmuur Tactical is a small British company, run by a really good guy called Ed.

Ed made this belt fast, with no fuss.


So let’s scope it out.


The first thing to note is the G-Hook fastener. It’s nicely made and has a matt FDE finish, which blends well with the coyote brown webbing Ed has used. The G-Hook is really simple and lo-pro, which it needs to be because it’s eventually going to endure a Cobra buckle pressing down on top of it.

Ed doesn’t muck about; I didn’t specify an ITW Nexus G-Hook, but as soon as I got the belt I checked the quality and was very pleased to see that Ed selects his materials with care.


The belt is adjusted via the tail you can see in the pic directly above, which is backed with hook-velcro.


The belt has the right amount of adjustment either way – if I gain or lose inches – and I figure that Ed used my waist measurement as a middle point in the adjustment range; which is the smart thing to do.

Like I said to begin with, this belt is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it. That’s one of my benchmarks for things that work well.

So, big thanks to Ed at Flimmuur Tactical. He’s on Facebook, here.