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Get in on the ground floor on this one. I’m going to speculate that we’re going to be treated to some awesome, details-orientated builds which Japanese airsofters do so well.

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New IG account, storm_jpn. I was lucky enough to have my IG account followed by them today, so I had a look at what they’re doing and immediately liked ALL their pics and followed them back.

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Much as I love the Kryloned and thoroughly beaten look, I also like impression-perfect black blasters. The M4 is The Black Rifle, after all.

Plus, when an unpainted blaster is used and abused it picks up a patina all of its own.

 photo IMG_2620_zpsufjndczo.jpgBut wait! I clicked on storm_jpn’s web link in their profile and found what looks like the beginnings of a PTW shop.

Look at the patina on this receiver:

 photo IMG_2623_zps8imiql7c.jpg

I’m expecting big things.