Ordered these direct and as usual they arrived very fast indeed. You pay for Fed Ex shipping – which isn’t cheap – but you avoid all the pissing about by the likes of Parcel Force, because you are invoiced for import charges after the items have arrived at your address. Far more civilised.

What surprised me most about these items was the inner lining:

The reverse of the 500D outer is ‘loop’ One Wrap, so it won’t abrade the surface of items placed inside. Not only that, but ‘hook’ One Wrap can be used to secure items. Hydration Pouch left, Ragnar Mini Admin right.

Ragnar Mini Admin


Ragnar is First Spear’s range of Velcro-enhanced pouches. The Ragnar Mini Admin is pretty much the same as the standard Mini Admin, aside from this feature.

On to the Altoids tin fit test, to gauge scale and capacity:


Pretty decent volume and you can see the elastic retainers, also inside the pouch, above. Glad to see they sit flush, because saggy ones can sometimes hang on items on the way in.

Opening is pretty slick – no mucking about – achieved using a webbing pull tab at the top of the pouch. Seals with velcro.

The 500D outside face is laser cut in First Spear’s 6/12 which is compatible with standard fastenings.

Hydration Pouch 6/12 1 Litre


I like smooth zips. This has smooth zips.

It’s standardised on the Source bladder product (which I have on order with UKMC Pro). Looks to be the right shape, so hopefully fit will be decent.

Front of the pouch is, again, 500D with First Spear’s laser cut 6/12. However, the rear is in the optional 6/9. I went with this more traditional backing because it’s widely compatible with both current and legacy fastening solutions.

There’s a swatch of Velcro-loop on the front of the pouch for patches, etc – or I could piggyback a Ragnar item if I wanted.

These aren’t the first First Spear items I’ve owned, so I’m expecting good things.