Gray Fox. Great bunch of guys whose blasters have featured in these pages from the very beginning.

While I was prepping to commence blogging again, I followed Gray Fox’s IG account and tried to find as many of the guys as I could, in order to update myself. When I was browsing F03’s (Gray Fox’s call signs all start with ‘F’ for fox) IG, I came across this awesome blaster.


Two things really piqued my interest. Before I had a rest from airsoft, it was all DD RIS II rails and Eotechs. This blaster was different: utilising a Super Modular Rail (SMR) up front, a T1 on top, all wrapped seamlessly in an authentic-looking paint job.

Looking further afield, more and more milsim airsofters are experimenting with this kind of setup; going outside the accepted Block II norms and integrating accessories personal to the user.


It echoes what’s happening in the wild, with the AR15 aftermarket becoming more and more pervasive on the battlefield. So, in addition to painstakingly replicating a look, some expert impressionistas are choosing to replicate a way of thinking.

And I doubt that way of thinking is gonna go back in the box. It shows a new confidence and demonstrates a different rule set.


I knew this blaster would have a narrative. The Gray Fox guys really think things through. So, I asked F03 about his choice in using the SMR:

“The SMR was chosen mainly for its aesthetics. Also it’s a lot more low profile having the Keymod sections at the 3, 6 and 9 O’clock positions, with just my accessories on the 12 O’clock rail.”

I loved the look of the Geissele HK416 rails everyone started running at the time, but couldn’t afford a 416 kit let alone a rail.

This was a happy medium as I could use my M4 and just switch between my KAC 14.5 upper and the SMR with 10.5 barrel – depending on the event I was attending.”


As for the T1:

“Again, it’s low profile. Easy to use, point and shoot. Also just fancied a change. I’ve had a few Eotechs over the years.

Also I made the mistake of pretty much selling all my kit about two years ago. It’s been a long process getting everything back to how I wanted it.”

I know that feeling. But, it’s also good to have a fresh start – maybe innovate a bit and have a lot of fun on the way.

Thanks very much to F03 for bearing with my questions after a knackering weekender, and also for the pics. I was going to rip pics from his IG, but he insisted on giving me new ones.

This pic from Gray Fox’s IG says it all. Job well done 🙂