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I’m trying out McNett Camo Form on the 416. It’s seen a lot, in the wild, on grips etc. Indeed, my mate Jim, who’s been using the stuff for some time, has recently been trying it out on his RIS II.

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Looks cool as.

I’ve gone with grip (pic at the head of this blog) and can (below).

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Camo Form is intriguing stuff. It sticks to itself, without sticky adhesive, so leaves no residue. It’s reusable and can even be washed. As the name suggests it conforms to shapes, having a degree of stretch:

“When you need to conceal guns or camouflage gear without leaving behind a sticky residue only one gun camo will do. Camo Form® by McNett® Tactical is a self-adhering, camouflage wrap that is removable and reusable. Use it on guns, scopes, knives, treestands, flashlights —whatever you’re taking into the field.

Camo Form stretches and sticks to itself, and conforms to any shape for a custom fit. When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply. The heavy-duty fabric not only protects and conceals tactical gear, but it also adds grip, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces and quiets clanking objects.

Available in 13 traditional and digital camo patterns, Camo Form keeps gear and guns concealed, covered and ready for action.”

We’ll see how it goes.