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2 Become 1 seemed like the most appropriate heading for this one, but I could never forgive myself for using a Spice Girls song title.

Craig, whose awesome L119a1 I featured recently, writes:

“…just purchased a Blue Force Gear Vickers 200 sling, their Burnsed Socket and a Magpul RSA. It’s a nice setup on the L119, since I can use it as a two point and, with the Burnsed Socket, it goes to single point. I nabbed the idea from Ben Dickie at AI.”

This is what I really like about AI. It’s why it’s become the most credible airsoft magazine out there. The team which publishes the magazine aren’t just talented journalists, graphic artists, gun techs etc; they are passionate about airsoft and keep themselves not only up to date, but forging forward.

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Craig continues:

“The Burnsed Socket is a clever invention. Previously, I’d been using a Nexus clip and T-piece on my MOLLE compatible vest. But when I went with another setup, or without the vest, I found myself without a sling point – single or otherwise.

This new setup lets me go single point while bumbling around at a dead zone. However, I can use the two point functionality during play. Best of all, I can now sling my L119 across my back for pistol and frag use. This is a vast improvement over my former setup as the T-piece got in the way while trying to carry out these tasks.”

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I was glad to see that Craig had gone for a Magpul RSA up front. I use this attachment point on both of my blasters and wouldn’t be without it.

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Craig says:

“The Magpul RSA is low profile. Due to the position of its QD socket, relative to the rail, it doesn’t get in the way of other items on the rail and allows the gun to hang perfectly. The rotation-limiting feature also stops the sling turning into spaghetti.”

This isn’t a cheap setup, but for Craig, it’s worth it:

“The sling and Burnsed Socket alone set me back £60. But I doubt I’ll ever have to buy another sling. This must be my 4th one. I just never got on with the others and never got on without one!”

Thanks to Craig for words and pics. The sling and Burnsed adaptor are available from Tactical Kit.

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