My friend Jake pointed out this slick new video, released by NFM, about their paint.

I hadn’t realised that NFM has been selected by the British Army, to respray all weapon systems for use in Afghanistan. This is a surprise, as it’s not cheap.

If I was doing a UKSF paint job, I think I’d be looking to use this paint for added authenticity.

Incidentally, I strongly suspect NFM is OEM’d by Fosco. Fosco’s own paint is normally cheaper, however. Same type of can, same application, made in Germany; at least that’s what it says on the cans of NFM I have here. On that note, NFM’s labels look as though they’ve changed to black and now feature bolder imagery.

As for application…NFM paint goes on OK. I prefer it to Krylon, but I find Halfords and Humbrol easier to use.