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Thanks very much to all those who have liked the blog’s Facebook page. It is truly appreciated.

I started the blog about a year ago and I’ve been amazed at how it has flourished in such a small space of time. The last five months have yielded a minimum of 25,000 views per month. I think that’s pretty good for a niche, written content platform.

In order for people to read the blog they have to find the blog; so I’m hugely indebted to all the individuals, teams, fellow bloggers, retailers and to Airsoft International Magazine for their help and support.

I also want to thank all the contributors and those who have inspired me to write, paint and buy stuff 🙂 Without you guys there would be no content.

Lastly, thanks to the readers. I only write about things I’m interested in – there’s no other agenda. It makes me really happy to know that the things which interest me interest you as well. If we met, I know we’d get on 🙂

Readers may also have noticed that I never ask what they’d like to read. This isn’t me being dismissive or arrogant. I hope my contract with readers is one where they read the blog if they are interested in what I’m interested in, and don’t read it if they’re not interested in what I’m interested in.

One of the reasons it’s that simple is that I don’t receive revenue from the blog and never intend to. WordPress inserts its own adverts at the foot of my blogs, over which I have no control (although I am planning to buy an ad-free subscription in the future).

Anyway…I started the Facebook page after the blog got properly started, so I’m staggered that it’s reached 1000 likes already.

Thanks once again!