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I’m not, but REMF Tacticool sent me this patch anyway 🙂

Chris from REMF Tacticool explains what it’s all about:

“So, many years ago (back in like 2008 or something) a comedy play on a well known phrase popped in to my head while I was at a skirmish. I filed away in the back of my mind and it popped up every now and again and I’d think, ‘I wish I could get a morale patch of that’. I did actually suggest it to a couple of companies in that area of business seeing I had no way of making my own patches, nobody picked it up though and it just remained a thought in my head…until recently.

The problem with actually manufacturing any sort of product is that you generally encounter walls in the form of minimum orders numbering in hundreds or thousands. This makes it entirely prohibitive for an individual like myself to come up with an idea for a gun accessory/piece of gear/morale patch and actually make it available for people to buy. But, luckily, the advent of small-scale computer automated laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines and the like have been changing that dynamic in the past few years.

Due to this relatively new ability for average folks like me to have things made to a set spec in a low quantity and at a reasonable price, I’m glad to announce the opening of the REMF Tac store on Facebook and the release of the first product; the TTFT morale patch.

Constructed from laser cut camouflage fabrics on a vinyl base, with hook velcro sewn to the back as you’d expect, ready to mount to all your tactical gear and apparel. The patches are a 3.5″ diameter circle sized specifically to be an ideal fit on the 4″ x 4″ loop velcro fields integrated on to various apparel made by Arc’teryx LEAF and MilSpecMonkey. It will of course also fit very comfortably on to the loop velcro found on the upper arms of a huge range of military and tactical garments; not to mention admin panels, backpacks, hydration carriers and numerous other items that many of you will no doubt own and use regularly.

This first run includes AOR1/Desert Digital, Kryptek Mandrake and Multicam Black as colour options. This is in line with the classic ‘tactical trifecta’ of products generally being released in OD, Tan and Black. Meanwhile still keeping up with the times using modern camouflage patterns that I feel look cool and are likely to be popular.

Now realistically, my schedule is far too inconsistent to really go ‘in to business’ as it were, there will be times I’ll be out of the country for 4-month blocks and that just isn’t conducive to running a store. Also living in the barrack block I’ve got nowhere near enough room to setup the sorts of manufacturing gear I’d like to as well as hold raw materials and completed stock etc. So this is simply me taking my ideas and hopefully coming out with a product every now and again that I think like-minded folks will be in to. That said, I will be very straight up with you all and say that there is a small profit margin factored in to the pricing, but 100% that money made will be going in to products that I’ll feature here and in video form, so as to spread as much good information as possible about gear items that are worth you laying down your hard earned. The profits will of course also be largely put right back in to making more patches (and potentially other things) down the line.

The prices you see in the store do include delivery. I’ve kept this very simple, the patches will not come in fancy packaging inside a jiffy bag using a courier. I will be going really old school here and actually putting them in to a post box using a 2nd class stamp, which is pretty hipster in this day and age admittedly. However this is all done so that I can sell these at what I feel is a good price and maintain that small profit margin so that I can produce more stuff in future.

I’d like to thank all of you reading this for your support of the channel and this page and if you fancy a cool new morale patch please feel free to check out the ‘Shop’ tab under the cover photo.”