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I’ve known the owner of this awesome blaster since I first got into PTWs. He was already well into the platform. He helped me grow my knowledge, and my tastes in all things high end.

He’s always been around to bat ideas and influences back and forth, but he’s never happy with a blaster unless it’s perfect…

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These are the first pics I’ve seen of his refreshed Troy C4 CQBR. It’s a highly accomplished build, with the parts chosen by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

From the muzzle end, the finishing touch to this blaster was a fairly new acquisition. A Knights Armament Airsoft can. This is the first one I’ve seen on a PTW.

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The stubby size is perfectly proportioned for the Centurion Arms C4 rail. This is the FSB version, with a cut-out for the A-frame sight. I do like a good FSB rail because I do like the AR’s iconic front sight – accentuated nicely on this build.

On the side of the rail, we have an Inforce WML. It had perfect form factor and a perfect supply of lumens for up close and personal CQB.

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The VTAC Upgraded two point sling is affixed to the rail using a 1″ BFG QD sling swivel. I use this combination myself and it’s awesome. The button which is used to release the sling is smaller than normal, which means the QD’s body can be narrower. Because the device is lower profile, there’s less of a chance of something hanging up and less likelihood of the button being accidentally activated.

Below the rail, for the support had is an MFT RFG vertical grip. I’ve not seen one of these on a PTW before. Another first. The lower receiver is vintage Prime. It’s Troy branded and you don’t see many of these about.

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Seekins provides the trigger guard and mag release button. These are beautifully machined. The trigger is Airsoft Surgeon. The grip is the one and only Hogue, but in beaver tail flava.

The upper is the iconic Vltor MUR. The daddy of the modern CNC upper. This is RS and was purchased pre-converted for PTW. Not many of these bad boys around.

The stock is a Rogers Super Stok. It’s undoubtedly the lightest stock out there right now and it makes a refreshing change to the highly popular Magpul CTR. The Super Stock really suits this light weight build; and light it is.

Topping the blaster off with a Primary Arms micro dot finishes the build. These optics aren’t easy to get hold of in the UK and again provides a refreshing change.

Check out the full parts list below. With this build, the civilian blaster bar has been set to a new high 🙂

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 photo 20140511_152245_zps1d2d779b.jpg
 photo 20140511_152417_zpsfd6887b8.jpg

Tac Max 2 PTW 2010 Troy C4

Lower parts list:

Prime Gen1 Troy lower*
RS KNS anti rotation pins
RS Seekins Precision trigger guard
RS Seekins Precision mag release button
RS Hogue beaver tail pistol grip (modified)
Airsoft Surgeon Spartan trigger*
RS Magpul ASAP
RS Rogers Super Stoc
RS Magpul EMAG

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Upper parts list:

RS Vltor MUR-1A (2nd variant) modified for PTW
RS YHM extended take down pins
RS Centurion Arms C4 Carbine cut out rail
RS Troy rear folding DOA
RS Ranier Arms Raptor charging handle
RS Inforce HSP WML (Custom made lens protector)
RS Primary Arms MD-06L micro dot
RS ADM AD-B2 mount with AD-T1-CO base
Guns Modify T1 lens protector*
Madbull KAC QDC CQB suppressor*
RS VTAC upgraded sling
RS BFG 1” QD sling swivel

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