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I wrote a short blog a couple of days ago, prompted by a Stickman pic which Mark Owen shared on Instagram.

The pic was a Centurion Arms promo, featuring a couple of blasters. One was outfitted with a Centurion Arms C4 RIS, the other a CMR.

The CMR is Centurion’s slick rail and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them are in use In The Wild.

As regular readers may recall, the C4 rail has been spotted down range. A couple of pics which inspired my blog entitled Operators Operating Premium ARs:

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 photo 59ebe7b5492ffe88f1cfae3903e3e10d_zps0eb4baca.jpg

Anyway, I published the blog and did what I normally do: I took a screenshot of the blog title and header pic on my phone and posted it on Instagram:

#trhblog #pbthereptilehouse #centurionarms #stickman photo KYBXFQ10EO_zpsmbklpt5m.jpg

I’m really humbled by what happened next:

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 photo imagejpg1_zpsb328e7a1.jpg

Readers may also notice the pic which heads this blog. How cool is that? Centurion Arms shared my blog on their Facebook page. They also left a comment on my blog’s Facebook page:

 photo imagejpg1_zps801c53c5.jpg

I’m absolutely staggered and extremely grateful that such a well thought of, high quality RS company would take the time to mention this blog. Awesome 🙂