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I saw JB’s blaster in my IG feed last night. I liked it immediately and then I read this, which I was really humbled by:

“Inspired by The Reptile House’s SOF-inspired RISII build.”

It’s so cool to be associated with a build like this. It’s not easy to get it so right, because it takes good judgement and taste. Neither of those things come as standard and the normal methodology is to throw a bunch of cool guys parts together without really considering how they work together as a whole. This build shows confidence, maturity and class. The paint job is a bonus.

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Steve, who painted JB’s blaster, adds:

“JB handed it to me to do the spraying. Started with a base of Krylon Brown. Then it was given small spots of Humbrol Sand followed by Humbrol Dark Brown 29 with Pine needles as the pattern. It was all tied together with a light dusting of Humbrol 29 to finish!”

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Parts List

“Prime upper receiver
Prime daniel defence lower receiver
2013 first varient kit installed
Dytac 14.5 milspec barrel with systema knock pin
14.5 Orga inner barrel
Madbull daniel defence RIS II
Tac pmags
Rs daniel defence sling mount
Rs daniel defence iron sights
G&P d-bal
Inforce wml ir version
Fcc race trigger
Kns anti rotation pins
Rs magpul asap
Fcc tango down pistol grip
Rs magpul rvg”

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Thanks to JB and Steve!