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I saw this blaster a few weeks back on one of my favourite forums and wanted to feature it. I’m really enjoying the freshness that Aussie In The Wild pics are bringing to builds right now.

Over to KD (Jack) for words and pics:

“There’s something about Aussie SF weapons that sets them apart from the rest, especially the recent pictures of the Omega X FSP rails and the Troy Alphas that have popped up in the wild. This was definitely something that made me get the ball rolling with my build.”

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“This time round, I thought I should concentrate more on my rifle than my kit. As I’m an avid GBBR fan, it takes some time to get these things performing the way you want them to. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling your bolt lock back mid-firefight, having to reload, hit that bolt release and feel the clunk of the BCG reloading that fresh BB! It’s as realistic as it gets in my eyes.”

Parts List:

Bomber M4A1 GBBR
Omega X FSP*
MagPul CTR*
MagPul AFG2
Surefire scout*
Aimpoint M2*
Ergo grip


Thanks very much to Jack for words and pics.