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A 416 upper and Noveske N4 lower? This shouldn’t work…but it does. James’ blaster is striking and different, but in a good way.

I was really taken by this build when I saw it on FCC’s Facebook page a few days ago. I think the reason the combination does work is because of the N4’s extended, flared mag well. Although less stylised, the 416 also has an extended, flared mag well.

James tells us more:

“A year ago I saw a picture of a Geissele rail made for the HK shooting team. I was sold from that point on. As time passed I saw more and more race rifles and DEVGRU/CAG inspired builds. Trying to be unique yet still staying within the realms of the possible, I chose to combine my fascination for the 416 with my love of Noveske; with the sole intention of finding a Geissele SMR to top it off.”

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Parts List

“FCC noveske N4 lower
Magpul ASAP
FCC race trigger
FCC Wilson arms oversized boltstop
FCC tango down grip
VLTOR Imod stock
Kwa mps Rear buis
Dboys KAC front buis
Hurricane Eotech xps-3
G&p dbal
Blackhawk vert grip
FCC AAC flashider
Geissele 10.5″ smr hk”

 photo image_zps09ef9258.jpg

Thanks to James for the words and pics.