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Crye. My friend Jim likens them to Apple. Until you buy an Apple product, you wonder what all the fuss is about and where the money goes. Then you just want more and more.

I must admit I’m a bit of an Apple addict myself, but I had serious doubts that Crye could possibly live up to the hype.

Now, I’ve always liked Multicam. I bought my first set of Multicam BDUs, made by Seals Action Gear in Calgary with genuine Crye fabric, in 2005. Aside from the fabric, the BDU set wasn’t a Crye design. But I loved the look. Since then, Multicam has been adopted first by special forces and then by the regular military. For me, a succession of teams has meant fitting in with different kit. It’s only now that I can adopt Mulitcam once more.

I’ll cut to the chase, these trousers are awesome.

With the waist, knee pad height and knee pad tabs adjusted accordingly, the fit feels tailor made, highly ergonomic and built for mobility. These trousers feel part of you.

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Without adjusting the trousers properly, they feel like a sack of shit tied up with string. So please, do take the time to adjust them properly to get the best out of them.

I spend a lot of time on my knees in woodland (that sounds wrong), but the knee pads work perfectly. It’s like wearing an external set, but without the annoyance of pad slippage and twisting, and without the discomfort of tight straps.

After a day in the woods, all the mud on the knees is in the right place which shows how well the knee pads stay put and move with you…not least due to the colour-matched four-way stretch softshell gussets which start at the lower thigh.

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Oh – and cats love Crye.

 photo image_zpsabbb9952.jpg I’ll rattle through a few of the features:

Reinforced belt loops.

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Lightly padded waist. Really comfortable.

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Heavy duty YKK zip fly and Velcro field fasten the trousers. The Velcro field allows a little adjustability.

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Waist adjuster. The tabs are a lot like the laser cut Velcro tabs you see on softshell cuffs. This is an amazing feature and means I don’t have to wear a trouser belt. You just cinch the tabs and go. All trousers should be built this way.

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Nice stitched reinforcement, around the aperture the adjuster tab moves in.

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Upper leg pocket.

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Knee pad height adjuster in upper leg pocket. This is a dead easy adjustment method. Simple but effective.

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Velcro tabs to cinch knee pads into knee. Again, these are crucial to the way the trousers work. They are the last trousers in the world I would wear casually, but once adjusted for airsoft use they feel practically symbiotic.

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Diamond gusset crotch for freedom of movement. Made out of the same stretchy softshell material seen around the knees.

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Airflex knee pads.

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Velcro adjuster at trousers cuffs.

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Reinforced seat.

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Rear pockets are zipped.

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Cargo pockets feature elastic, which can act as a bottle holder.

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…or in this case a mag holder.

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Logos on each cargo pocket.

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 photo image_zps14cfa0de.jpg

Pocket tape detail.

 photo image_zpsd4efb058.jpg

Knife/multitool pocket above cargo pockets.

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Lower leg pocket.

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Front slash pocket opening is cut level to the floor and is straight. Nice depth to these.

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No interior fabric labels to cause discomfort. Label is printed.

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