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If you look at FirstSpear’s website you can read this about the M4 double product featured here, which holds four mags (two in each pocket):

“Holds one or two (stacked on top of each other) 30 round 5.56X45 magazines with a second pocket beside it for up to four total mags. Large webbing flap and mil-spec elastic webbing for added retention.”

What it doesn’t tell you is the lid – the highest wear area of the pouch – is composed of webbing; not just the usual 1000D or 500D. The webbing is made using the jacquard process which means the Multcam pattern goes all the way through the material – it’s not printed. It’s also made by Murdoch USA, so you know it’s gonna be tough.

The rest of the pouch is composed of nice, light 500D.

Those meaty lids:

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 photo image_zps0e2e80bd.jpg

I’m not exactly sure why the lids are so short. You’d be hard pressed to use these pouches with Magpuls or Ranger Plates.

However, a few drills has shown me that the lids are a great length for Pmags. You don’t have to reach down so far to open the lids and they don’t get in your way while open.

Side profile of the pouch.

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The pouch also features the very light, very cool, laser cut 6/9 system, which is a halfway house between a standard attachment system and FirstSpear’s Gucci 6/12 system.

 photo image_zps719eba8e.jpg

You can read about these new technologies here. Suffice to say, things seem to be moving forward, away from Natick Snaps, MALICE clips and MOLLE. You only have to look at the growing licensees of Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper attachment system, to see this.

The apertures in the pocket’s backing are not just slits. The far edges are radiused for strength and durability.

 photo image_zps5c911ab2.jpg

Loads of labels.

 photo image_zps843a6c22.jpg

As you’d expect from FirstSpear, quality is awesome. Stitching is straight, copious (but in a good way) and neat. The elastic on the pocket sides is strong enough for single mag retention but doesn’t fight you as you insert the second mag. A welcome change. I’m really looking forward to giving these a whirl.

I’d hope most readers already follow REMF Tacticool on YouTube. It’s how I got interested in FirstSpear’s M4 pockets – specifically the M4 double. If you’ve not seen the video, it’s linked below

The REMF Tacticool channel is written and hosted by Chris Kinnerley (CKinnerley on the forums) who, as a serving member of UK Armed Forces and an airsofter, has a particularly interesting viewpoint on gear which is always worth a look. He’s also a great guy and has helped me out with a few gear decisions recently.