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As soon as I saw Tobber’s new paint job on Instagram, I knew I had to blog it. In any case, it’s high time I covered his awesome Block II blaster.

Before: cool

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After: cool+

 photo image_zpsdd0805c0.jpg

Pics below of the stages Tobber progressed through, using local foliage and Fosco paint to deliver this inspiring paint job.

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 photo image_zpsa6268708.jpg
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 photo image_zps3cbfbe3f.jpg
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Parts List

It is contructed after my needs, I think that is what there is to tell about it 😊

PTW 08
*Dytac outer barrel
*PTS AAC M4-2000 Suppressor
Eotech 512
Surefire m952v
HSP mount
*Magpul STR stock
*Troy BUIS
*Larue Eotech riser
Ergo grip
Tango Down vertical grip
Magpul RSA
Blue Force Gear VCAS two point sling

To come:

MUM-14 NV rail mount.


 photo image_zpsa493d899.jpg

Many thanks Tobber!