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I do like a nice Block I M4A1 carbine. It’s a modern classic. Pick one up. I defy anyone to say it’s imbalanced or anything less than a pleasure to handle.

I was honoured to follow Stefan’s progress with his Block 1.5 blaster, through pics and the conversations we had on Facebook. I’m even more honoured to feature it in my blog. Stefan was kind enough to write some words about the project.

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“As much as I like all the MK18 and Block II blasters out there the choice was pretty easy when I got a good deal on a used 2008 14.5” M4A1. The more old school Block I, and even M16’s, with the longer barrel have a certain appeal even though I primarily play in a CQB environment.

After some planning I set to upgrading the PTW. The previous owner had for some reason fitted a crappy chinese clone RIS and that had to go, as I got my hands on an RS Knights Armament RAS in good nick for a bargain.

Unfortunately as the build was on a pretty tight budget, the rest of the parts had to be “airsoft quality” – to be upgraded at some later date.”

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Some people may be wondering about Block 1.5. It’s not an official designation. Some say it represents Block I blasters updated with Block II peripherals (aside from the RIS II, obviously). Others accept a much broader definition, like these examples below:

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 photo 260c0e568ebc213892e36a58a203aa8f_zps53f1bb80.jpg

Many thanks, Stefan!