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Blue Force Gear (BFG) Helium Whisper (HW) pouches arrived for my Rack Minus a few days ago. Excellent next day service from Tactical-Kit as before.

I’ve only just had a chance to look them over properly and I’m impressed. They’re completely different to anything else I’ve ever owned. Yes, they are super light. But the materials used and changes to the MOLLE attachment system they exhibit is really exciting stuff. It’s a mix of BFG’s ULTRAcomp, 500D Cordura and…Velcro.

The Patent pending Helium Whisper® attachment system is compatible with all MOLLE platforms and built with a combat tested, high performance laminate that reduces weight up to 60% while equaling or exceeding the durability of 1000d CORDURA®.

Although you weave the MOLLE straps in the usual way, rather than old skool poppers, the straps terminate with Velcro which you tuck up inside the pouch at the end of the weaving process. It’s extremely secure and everything is so much more pliable that it’s easy to do. To remove the pouch, there is a little tab at the end of the strap which you pull to disengage the Velcro. It’s an awesome design.

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Here are the pouches, with text from BFG’s website a few observations from me.

Double M4 Magazine Pouch

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Because of the liberal use of laser cut ULTRAcomp, this pouch looks really neat and structured. One of the cool features it has, which isn’t mentioned in the literature, is a bead which embedded in the flap of the pouch. This gives a tactile indication of where to pull the flap, to open it.

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The Double M4 magazine pouch is probably the most ubiquitous pouch in the MOLLE system – now further revolutionized by the Patent pending Helium Whisper attachment system. The Double M4 Mag Pouch is half the weight of standard double M4 pouch – without sacrificing any durability or security.

The ULTRAcomp™ high performance laminate backer extends down covering the bottom and coming over the front for increased wear resistance and weight savings. The rest of the pouch is constructed with 500d CORDURA®. fabric. The pouch can hold one or two M4 (polymer or metal) mags held secure and quiet by an elastic band around the outside of the pouch.

Few more pics.

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Ten-Speed Single M4 Mag Pouch

I’ve not used anything like this before and these elastic pouches have plenty of fans. Looks like it would be a struggle if I was into reinserting mags once spent, but I use a dumper so no worries.

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The Ten-Speed Single M4 Mag Pouch holds one M4 magazine and is the perfect blend of speed and security. Ten-Speed® pouches use military grade elastic combined with ULTRAcomp to create a multiuse pouch that is weighs almost nothing and lays flat when not in use.

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Medium Vertical Utility Pouch

Fits around three M4 mags (I’ll carry speed loaders in it), but it’s still a highly discreet little pouch.

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The Medium Vertical Utility Pouch is a lightweight zippered general purpose pouch built with the Helium Whisper attachment system. The Medium Vertical Utility Pouch holds taller items such as magazines, smoke grenades, small radios, stripped down rations, or other similar sized items. Two elastic bands on the back panel keep items secure and two paracord loops on the inside corners allow critical gear to be dummy corded to the pouch.

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Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch

This is an absolute gem. I’ve gone through a lot of dump pouches but this is the most excited I’ve been about using a new one. The pic directly below shows the dumper stowed.

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The Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch redefines dump pouches. Extremely compact, only taking up a 2 x 2 MOLLE field; the bag portion stays folded under Ten-Speed® elastic when not in use. When needed, a simple pull on the bottom tab deploys a bag big enough to hold 10 M4 magazines. The stowed pouch design eliminates bulky bags flopping around posing as a snag hazard and is small enough to be mounted behind larger pouches or on duty belts.

A cinch cord at the top of the bag can be closed with one hand to secure the contents of the Dump Pouch. The Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch functions great as a traditional magazine dump pouch, temporary supplemental pouch for breaching charges, provisions, SSE items, trash, spent casings, or extra water bottles during infil. The rip stop nylon bag can be used for foraging for food or kindling or even work as an emergency water filtration component.

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I’m hoping to be able to sort my rig soon, to test this kit out.