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Having tried out the hook version of the Magpul RSA with my VTAC sling, I initially decided to go with using a QD swivel in my Geiselle SMR’s integral sling swivel socket. I like the ability to quick detach the front of the sling, rather than mess about with hooks. Replacing the hook with a QD swivel also makes things lower profile.

However, there is no limitation on the swivel’s rotation when using the SMR’s integral socket. This means the sling can become twisted, in certain circumstances. Also, the integral socket isn’t portable – so I can’t move it to a potentially better position.

Because of these drawbacks I decided to try the QD swivel-compatible version of Magpul’s RSA. This isn’t as low profile as plugging directly in to the rail’s QD socket, but I assume that the limited swivel rotation afforded by the RSA QD would more than make up for it – not to mention the ability to move it to wherever I choose on the rail. It’s also another offset product, locating the sling point at a 45 degree position off the rail. Magpul say that this position is:

“…optimized for comfortable two-point sling use while maintaining easy push-button access.”

There also appears to be another gain with the offset position, aside from comfort. Because the sling point is located relatively high, it seems to affect the way my gun hangs, when compared to the traditional 90 degree method. More research needed there and I will also be testing out DD’s QD sling point soon, thanks to a recommendation by Tactical Optician (who, along with my friend Rob, has been a great help in all things sling related).

I bought the RSA QD from Shooter’s Barn, on ebay:

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As you’d expect from Magpul, it’s well cast and the black phosphate finish is really nice.

Out of the pack, it looks like this:

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 photo image_zps041c76c6.jpg
 photo image_zps8f11bb81.jpg
 photo image_zpsd43f388d.jpg
 photo image_zps6a3855fc.jpg

Limited rotation socket:

 photo image_zps141e3c3e.jpg

In Magpul’s literature, the RSA QD is depicted attached to the 12 O’clock rail. That’s a neat solution, but I found that it entered my field of vision. So, I attached a side RIS section (yay Super Modular Rail!) and went with that:

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 photo image_zps7127ee97.jpg

I also ended up tearing my VTAC sling apart and rejigging it. The mech used for extending the sling is now in easy reach (it was half way up my back before). It’s also long enough to switch shoulders when extended, but cinches up nicely when contracted – even though I now have less travel in the extension.