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Update on one of Tactical Optician’s blasters and a few details highlighted. This one is SGT based, with a converted WE upper:

“Just a bit dustier. Spray & rub/wipe, but a heavier initial coat. Still using Halfords Camo. PEQ, T1 & Scout not treated. Partly they get more handling hence less muck & partly for the dropped in fitment look. I don’t like a blaster paint job to look homogenous, gaps in the scheme reflect the ‘fit, test, retain/reject’ that weapon ancilliaries go through.”

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YHM QD pin:

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S&S Precision LowProMount and Surefire Scout with KM2 head (Surefire spacer used for clearance between wider KM2 and RAS):

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‘Operator’ orientation front BUIS:

 photo image_zps96ada395.jpg

Blue Force Gear RED QD swivel, on DD mount:

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The full package:

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 photo image_zps1a513661.jpg