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You don’t choose metal, metal chooses you.

It’s the same with goth. But with that, it helps if you’re already partial to cider ‘n black. It also helps if you have a penchant for covering yourself in flour; doing both at once is tricky and if the result is apple and blackcurrant baked goods, goth has not chosen you.

It’s similar with PTWs and Next Gen Maruis: they choose you in much the same way. If you end up in a sticky mess, you are forsaken and you could spend eternity with the AEG equivalent of The Birdie Song.

With both PTWs and Maruis, you are either in or you are out. There are very few people with either who remain platform agnostic. Give of your soul and you will be rewarded with so much more than bankruptcy. Plus, chicks dig premium AEGs.

Why am I talking half jokingly, in obscure metaphors? Well, if you get the play on words in the title of the Ben Webb article which follows, you will have already offered your musical soul to the demonic alter. How about your airsoft soul?

As Editor of Airsoft International Magazine, Ben needs no introduction. Ben kindly penned what proved to be an extremely popular Recoil Shock primer for the blog. As such, we’ve collaborated again to showcase a few more modern classics, to give readers a better insight into what’s possible with Marui’s Next Gen platform.

Love and Recoils by Ben Webb

Despite being a little limited, the range of Marui Recoil Shock blasters is growing. Basic guns now come in M4 SOPMOD, M4A1 SOCOM, M4 Recce Rifle, M4 CQB-R, HK 416, 416 DEVGRU, SCAR-L, SCAR-H and SCAR-L CQB, AK74MN, AK74SU, AKS74, AK102, G36 and G36C variants from memory. There are perhaps even more, considering Marui released some limited variants. This doesn’t mean there isn’t massive scope for customization and bespoke builds, and that’s the part I enjoy most…


First up is my beloved Mk18 Mod. 1 – pictured at the top of the blog. This was the gun I cut my Recoil teeth on and I still own it. It was based off of an M4 SOPMOD, before I realised it was far easier and cheaper to use the SOCOM platform to build from.

It uses a Madbull rail and Magpul PTS parts, plus the lower is a Laylax one, since the original TM part died a horrible death.


The AIMS style AK is based on the AK 102, and I have to admit the work on this gun wasn’t carried out by me. Nick at Fire Support did the honours here and I simply mopped up the gun from a friend when it put it up for sale. Who wouldn’t though? Externally the gun has some LCT parts fitted including the stock and wood kit. Internally a standard AEG Version 3 hop has been chopped and grafted to allow me to use standard steel AK AEG magazines. When funds allow, I’ll be switching the barrel set out for an LCT one to complete the AIMS styling.

 photo AIMS_zpse7ad83b8.jpg


The NSR build was a quick rail and furniture swap job to produce a civilian styled, super lightweight AR. It was achieved by fitting a lightweight Madbull NSR rail and some simple MOE furniture and PTS MBUS sights. I made a few versions of this weapon and fitted numerous accessories before I got a bit bored of it…

 photo NSR1_zpsc5378208.jpg
 photo NSR_zpsb266683a.jpg


The L119A1 was build based on a SOCOM and uses a Dytac 10” barrel, G&G rail and a Madbull suppressor. Unfortunately the lower on this never bore proper trademarks, but the outline was there and the gun was immediately recognisable as an L119. A Laylax lower could easily be engraved with the correct trades to complete the authenticity.

 photo L119A1_zps41d6413e.jpg

Civvy Mk18

This is just a quick, clean Mk18 style build for my co-worker who just transitioned over from a particularly troublesome time with a PTW. Given how man-handed he is, it’s probably best he has something with no frills or fragile bits to snap off.

 photo CivvyMk18_zps80b4cdc8.jpg


I watched the trailer for Lone Survivor and that was me sold. I had to build an SPR. I also wanted to try my hand at fitting a full stock to a Recoil, along with a tweaked AEG barrel set. This is the result. The technique is now down-pat and I reckon I could turn them around in a day.

 photo SPR_zpsf636a3a0.jpg


I wanted an FDE SCAR-H, but even now they are pretty hard to get hold of. Suppliers say they will be in country within the next couple of months, but then I’ll have to find the money! I settled on a SCAR-L in FDE to get a taste for it and this rifle has blossomed thanks to a few accessories, a la Travis Hayley. The Madbull PWS Rail extension wasn’t a straight bolt on job, but a few minutes with a dremel sorted that!

 photo SCARL_zps281080a6.jpg

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