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I think I will let the pics and parts list speak for themselves on this one.

ssn22’s awesome Block II blaster, out of St. Petersberg, Russia. My friend Alex pointed this out to me on the Systema PTW forum.


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 photo ssn222_zpsef24666c.jpg
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Parts List

“lower receiver Prime Colt Marking 6061
GearBox etc SMAX
Pivot Pin Colt Screw Type RS
Take Down Pin Colt RS
Takedown Detent Spring X2 Colt RS
Takedown Detent Pin X2 Colt RS
Bolt Catch Roll Pin Colt RS
Bolt Catch Spring Colt RS
receiver end plate Colt RS
Receiver Extension Nut Colt RS
Receiver Extension Colt Receiver Extension, Collapsible, RS
trigger guard Colt Trigger Guard Assembly RS
Trigger Guard Pivot Pin Colt RS
Magazine Catch Colt RS
Magazine Release Button Colt RS
Magazine Release Button Spring Colt RS
Buttstock LMT SOPMOD Crane ver2 RS
Receiver Pivot Pin Screw Colt RS
Pistol Grip PTW

upper receiver Colt Flattop Upper Receiver w/Assist & Cover, .223/5.56 (Colt Cerro Keyhole) RS
sight Specter DR (SU-230/PAS) Gen 3 Tan Milspec RS
Docter sight + Predator Mount RS
Forward Assist Assembly Colt Assembly RS
Forward Assist Rear Sight Pin Colt Assembly RS
Forward Assist Spring Colt Assembly RS
Ejection Port Cover Colt Assembly RS
Ejection Cover Hinge Pin Colt Assembly RS
Ejection Cover Spring Colt Assembly RS
Ejection Hinge Pin Snap Ring Colt Assembly RS
charging handle Colt Charging Handle Assembly RS
gas tube COLT Gas tube, Short RS
gas tube pin COLT RS
barrel Vanaras’ PTW steel outer barrel (M4 Military profile barrel)
Front sight KAC RS
Gas block DD MK12 RS
Flash Hiders KAC NT4 RS
Handguard DD RIS II RS
Rear sight KAC RS
Flashlight: Insight M3 (SU-233/PVS) RS
IR Lasers Insight LA-5/PEQ Replica (
Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch RS”

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 photo SXEWtgailE0_zps96907c59.jpg
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And the MARSOC pic which inspired this build:

 photo marsoc-2013-e_zps9064114c.jpg