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I bought some new paint to try, as used by C16 of DEVTSIX Group 13 out of Romania. You can see pics of his AOR1 blasters here or on his Instagram feed as SZ_CIOBI. They’re impressive. He also produces AOR1 stencils, which I’m hoping to review shortly.

My friend Dave hooked me up with a source for the paint: Graff City. They are based in Abergavenny in Wales, which is very near where I was brought up. They provided an awesome service. Their stock package is incredible and shipping was fast – next day, via UPS.

Anyway, the paint itself, MTN94, is new to me. It’s produced by a Spanish company, based in Barcelona, called Montana (hence the MTN abbreviation).

MTN94 is a synthetic spray paint which claims excellent coverage. It is also said to deliver a fast drying super-matt finish. The pressure of the spray is low, to allow for detailed work. I also read that it has a pleasant vanilla scent. We’ll see how that goes.

I ordered some colours which I don’t think the other companies do well: some of the darkest browns and a green, as well as bone white for some highlights over khaki.

Due to some cool valve technology, there are a number of caps available for the paint although I’ll be sticking with the default to start with.