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Before deciding which mounts to buy for my X300 and forthcoming M600, I had to decide how I was going to operate the lights. Due to tendon problems experienced with the thumb over bore method, I’ve gone back to the broom handle style of gripping the VFG.

I’m not coordinated enough to go with a tape switch or other remote activation device, so I decided that thumb activation was the way forward. This was the green light for 45 degree offset mounts.

I also really liked the look of Mark Owen’s light in this pic, from his Instagram feed:

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The light is tucked away and low drag. I didn’t want the position of my lights to be cumbersome, either. This position also allows for thumb activation of the M600’s tail cap switch.

Needless to say, my first thought for an M600 mount was S&S Precision’s 416 LowProMount. Again, this is something used in Mark Owen’s pic above and I gather it’s the mount dujour for DEVGRU impressionistas; so I knew it would suit the 416.

I have a number of friends with the S&S mount and I’d also read a thread on which dealt with it (the mount was made specifically for the 416). I got the impression that while the S&S mount is an excellent solution, Gear Sector’s offset mounts do much the same job for a good deal less cash. So that was my next decision.

I’m already well familiar with Gear Sector. They have a reputation for reasonably priced, simple, robust, well thought out and high quality kit. I have one of their hand stops.

And, TBH, awesome Stickman pics like these from Gear Scout really sell Gear Sector to me:

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I did look at HSP’s range of mounts, but aside from a handful available at Brownells, HSP themselves restrict shipping on the full range.

Gear Sector products, on the other hand, are more readily available in the UK: either through a UK source like Arc Precision, or SKD in the US. There are no export limitations on these mounts and SKD were the only ones with FDE available. So I went with them, for both the M600 mount and the mount for the X300 – also in FDE.

The X300 mount is at the top of this blog, the X600 mount is below:

 photo 9b92c225f8e17e81e08d82ad9585cd8e_zps3926cb03.jpg

So here are details of the mounts, from Gear Sector:

“Gear Sectorâ„¢ offset flashlight mounts offer improved ergonomics, a snag-free profile along with optimal placement of your weapon light. They can be installed in one of eight different clock positions on a rail system to suit nearly every shooting style and grip configuration conceivable.

Designed to provide a low profile solution for attaching a weapon light to a Picatinny rail. We designed the mount to fit perfectly flush with the Tango Down rail panels for an uninterrupted rail space.

Precision CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum.”

I was really pleased to see that the FDE version of these mounts was finished in Cerakote Dark Earth (H-235). Much as I like anodized finishes, if you want to strip something back to the default look after Krylon has been applied, it’s nearly impossible with an anodised surface. It never looks the same again, whereas Cerakote has an almost wipe clean finish.

More when the mounts arrive.