photo BE9E1B83-C4AD-4DBF-9B7B-7F5AEF4360DC_zpsvdvyu6cz.jpg

I love this. A very rare set of pics from the illustrious Stickman: a Geissele SMR and Krylon. Two of my favourite things.

The newer Geissele SMR brown is darker than the original’s coppery anodise. And, it looks like Krylon Brown is almost an exact colour match. This means a minimum of paint is required and most of the SMR’s exquisite trades and markings are retained.

 photo C1165431-C94C-48C0-BC0E-0E3CCE0823D5_zps4frctgxa.jpg

Yes, this is more of a civilian paint job than a mil one – more care has been taken. But it’s one of the simplest yet highly impactive paint jobs I’ve seen and it will wear in awesomely with use. Complicated paint jobs can look messy, as they weather.

After the initial brown, it looks like Stick has finished with broad diagonals of Krylon Khaki. Personally, I’d stop right there. This mix breaks up the gun’s outline most effectively.

I’ve also included one of Stick’s pics to show his composition of the upper, with peripherals. Again, for me, it’s the best Stick upper I think I’ve seen.

 photo 55F41E5A-F084-46CC-8E8E-C2E99AD2A2AA_zpsu4deisj6.jpg

If you’re a lover of the AR form and you’re not following Stick already, you can do so via Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. Just search for Stickman.