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Winter is not the best season in which to paint, but small items are manageable. Luckily it wasn’t too damp this morning, which would make things easier.

So, I managed to get some painting done today, armed with the wife’s hair dryer to speed things up between coats.

I kept the rattle cans at room temperature by leaving them in the house, popping back inside when I needed to reach for a change in colour.

The CTR pictured is from my 416 and I decided to simplify the pattern, although it’s still based on the method I used on my M4. This iteration will be a bit less ‘busy’ though.

I used the same palette as usual, but mixed it up with the brands: base of Humbrol Dark Brown 29, followed by wide stripes of Krylon Brown. The gaps left by the Krylon Brown were filled in with Halfords Khaki and Krylon Sand.

Due to a certain amount of natural overspray/dusting, I touched up with more brown to keep the dark sections bold; but this time I used Halfords Brown, as it’s less ‘spitty’. I then finished with Humbrol OD, dabbed strategically.

The net effect is, of course, car boot net. Held tight with cable ties. I haven’t decided yet if the pattern needs a few accents sprayed through fine net.

 photo 35107031-7E23-459C-B6EE-0183B6893560_zpsmmwopwmi.jpg