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Much as I love Delta and DEVGRU 416 blaster impressions, it’s refreshing to see a 416 which hasn’t been built according to a specific template.

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Not that it’s possible to deviate much from the form of the 416 and it’s pretty much perfect as it comes; because it was designed as an improved M4 and not a totally different platform.

Sure, the 416 upper/Colt lower pairing was inspired by early Delta 416 blasters. But here, Kenvin has gone all out for the DMR look.

 photo BD59312E-23A8-4E39-8C3B-37B38C580B7F_zpsaajkdvvp.jpg

This is the first build I’ve covered which utilises SGT’s new 416 upper and I was expecting that to be the main talking point.

However, that awesome S&B short dot is going to get a lot of attention.

 photo 0689571E-F304-454E-A4E8-02BFC8EFBA5B_zpssximmgvi.jpg
 photo 8461663F-09C8-4CE0-9782-E4A98725DBA8_zpson7kmkoc.jpg

Interesting to note and as Kenvin pointed out when I asked him about the SGT/Prime pairing: although this blaster feeds and functions perfectly, if you look closely at the receiver you can see that the raised portion of the magwell doesn’t match between upper and lower…

 photo 6FAA0B86-C256-4622-8139-6F5B9F992F90_zpsaobtv8gh.jpg

I’ve seen something similar in RS world, between HK and Colt receivers; e.g.

 photo 0661B9FD-EBD2-43FA-B5D1-13DF125C8EE8_zpsxfcekiou.jpg

If you aspire to owning the SGT 416 upper and this sort of juxtaposition bothers you, hold the diazepam. You do not have long to wait until SGT’s perfectly matched 416 lower starts shipping, later this month.

For me, the main thing about Kenvin’s 416 is that it’s more than just the sum of its parts. Its a great example of how style and taste makes a build.

 photo 8C72FCBA-8A45-41E1-A52C-1C0E3C1BC68A_zpsl8k8i1ek.jpg

More pics and the RS parts list is below…

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 photo 19685A14-8ED5-41F8-B11D-9585EE2E3B93_zpsyi2wofwp.jpg

RS Parts List

“S&B short dot pm2
Surefire m720v
Troy HK style folding sight tritium front
Troy folding sight tritium rear
Surefire SR-D-IT remote switch for weapon light + ATPIAL laser device
Tango down vertical foregrip QD (ITI)
KAC trigger guard
Vltor EMOD
Daniel defense rear receiver QD Swivel attachment point


“Real buffer tube with lock ring
Real AR dust cover
YHM EZ pull takedown pin set (YHM-7284)
Real AR mag release”

 photo ABC13CD2-C306-4D8B-AB4C-78891902B6D2_zpsq7rgfjhk.jpg
 photo 38F31B78-26AC-4FE7-909D-4043C28BBF74_zpsjykjmxvw.jpg
 photo 7E550525-7E23-4DEA-8A84-F43402A05471_zpsjvomkbzn.jpg