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Special Operations Peculiar Tube Modification…yes, I just made that up.

But check out the pic above – a JP Enterprises tube front end, in place of a RIS II (along with an ACE SOCOM stock).

And take a look at the pics below. Just a few of the many confirming instances of the broad range of tube front ends In The Wild: either issued, like Delta’s Geissele SMRs and the Aussie Troy rails we’re seeing more and more of; or individual/unit purchases of the You Dream It, We Build It variety.

How long before a tube rail turns up in a Block III increment?

Samson Evolution:

 photo a4ed8d92-71bc-49b0-a584-948df4bcd395_zpseb260b9b.jpg

Troy Alpha:

 photo 453a5133-08e6-46fe-911d-4581879d5f73_zps5801177b.jpg

Troy VTAC:

 photo 10b98657-39fd-4c74-8e3f-b2a0224e0bfb_zps4fbe5b9c.jpg

Geissele SMR:

 photo image_zps97f670ce.jpg