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“Here’s a small refresh to my primary…”

Very modest, Jim 😀

I featured Jim’s Block II M4A1 back in August, under the Kryloned Blasters category. However, he’s only gone and acquired a very cool RS RIS II, Prime upper and Dytac mil profile outer…

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I love the M4A1 Block II look as much as the CQBR version, but there just aren’t enough of the M4A1 versions out there. However, this isn’t the only thing which separates this build from the rest…the paint job is awesome. It was Jim’s work which inspired me to pick up the rattle cans myself (so blame him for my crimes). I particularly like the way this blaster has turned out as an authentic mil two tone, with the dropped in upper.

Parts List

“2008 PTW
Prime Colt Upper
DD 12.5″ M4A1 RIS II FDE
DD Ladders
Dytac mil profile outer barrel*
VFC KAC style BUIS Taupe*
TangoDown VFG FDE
G&P TangoDown style battle grip*
Magpul CTR with extended recoil pad
Insight Tech PEQ-14
Novel Arms Nightforce replica w/Larue SPR 1.5 mount and DIY Doctor sight*

Wish List

“Prime Colt lower
Eotech 553 FDE”

“Group shot of my primary tools of the trade. Never leave home (for an airsoft game ) without them.”

 photo photo1_zps819b8b2e.jpg

“Ops-Core fast carbon and ancillaries
Wilcox mounts
Charge light etc
TM Sig226E2, full Guarder kit*
Trijicon sights
Surefire X-300 Ultra
Winkler II belt knife


Cheers, Jim!