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Accumulated a few new bits…

I’ve had a good few sets of RS sights over the years and the only ones I’ve kept are my Troys, a rear Matech and a rear KAC. The KAC and Matech are surplus ones, available cheaply on ebay. The Troys were stupidly expensive, but it’s hard finding reasonable quality airsoft replicas which aren’t H&K style.

Anyway, the point of mentioning this is because I now refuse to pay for RS BUIS…because I don’t actually use BUIS and because they just don’t hold any intrinsic value for me anymore.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that I picked up a couple of G&P sights for a current project. I’d have preferred VFC (I’ve already owned a couple of VFC KAC front sights, which were very nice) but the G&Ps sit on the top rail nice and plumb, so no grumbles.

The part I’m most excited about though, is the RA Tech Magic Pin. I’m aware I’m in an OCD minority, but wobbly receivers really annoy me.