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As much as a little Magpul goes a long way, I think the backlash against Magpul products is about to burn itself out; as PTS parts become more and more scarce. Plus, it’s become so popular to demonstrate a dislike for Magpul, it can only go the other way – a counter trend – a backlash against the backlash.

There’s also the small matter of Magpul’s ongoing product development, which continues to focus on well designed, competitively priced items. The fact that Magpul has penetrated into The Wild isn’t going to hurt either.

Like Crye, Magpul is a design house; composed of highly qualified product designers. They work with expert civilian shooters (many of whom are ex-SOF) and with active duty SOF – along with other armed forces and LEO.

One such design, which I think will prove to be as ubiquitous as CTR stocks and AFGs is the MBUS Pro. Magpul’s full metal iron sight: a counter trend to the usual polymer, in itself. Magpul set itself a target to bring each unit in at under $100, which they’ve achieved.

I’ve not seen any of the RS ones yet, probably because they sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. However, my friend and teammate Mark picked up a set of ACM ones – pictured above. They look good; and it’s no surprise it was the advent of these clones which caused ructions between Magpul and Hong Kong licensee, PTS. Because of this, I’m pretty sure the sights are accurate replicas and not something guesstimated from pics.

The form factor is small and unobtrusive, which is exactly what you want from BUIS – particularly since most of us never use them for their intended purpose. For this reason, I’m no longer bothered if I run airsoft or RS BUIS on my blasters, provided the airsoft versions are of reasonable quality.

You can read more about the MBUS Pro at Gearscout.