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VFC PEQ15 arrived today. Comparison pic with G&P DBAL above.

If you’re presented with a choice between the two, go with the DBAL. It’s solid and well crafted. The PEQ15 on the other hand is very light.

I’m not sure how the functions of each compare, because these are just to be used as props.

 photo 7c8183ef85f16cf603f943cf8d1a4bc0_zpsca4b6f70.jpg
 photo 76e0ef75bd8b43bf702a1616ef788472_zpsc9a22f07.jpg

A spritz with Humbrol Dark Brown 29.

 photo 98d370eb828ee6faca02a1fb4585349b_zps658df41b.jpg

Another piece of the jigsaw.

 photo 7817e324201380528d5172db9221dd59_zpsfb08ad41.jpg