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It looks the same as before, but it sounds very, very different. It handles the same as before, but the trigger response is better – crisper. Is that fresh unicorn poo on the grip, or just a bit of Krylon? Seriously, Tac, get that menagerie of mythical creature-helpers under control…they are shitting magic everywhere!

I downsized my PTW collection recently. Having three lowers was nice, but seemed a bit excessive given that I can only really use one gun at a time (no unicorns required in that calculation – it’s science fact).

So, my Prime KAC complete lower was sold to a friend. It’s gone to a loving home where it will be used regularly – which is what it deserves. Now, that lower was 2012 based. My remaining two guns are 2008s, bought from Tac in 2010.

The surprising thing to some is that despite being reasonably well used for over three years, the motors have not been touched since their original Tac rewind. No services, no brushes replaced, no spraying with any of that RC motor cleaning stuff – nothing. I’ve only recently stopped to think about it and I’m impressed.

So, you may say why the blog? Well, last time out, the motor in my MilCiv Kryloned blaster was starting to sound a bit effeminate. No RLOD and no noticeable performance issues, but three years is a long time.

I’m a great believer that prevention is better than cure (as is Tac), so rather than run the motor into the ground, I thought I’d send it back to its maker. In all honesty, I was expecting to pay for a rewind, but it simply needed a service – which is half the price.

While it was with Tac and included in the cost, he was good enough to return the motor to its original adjustable state – just as the maker had intended, when he rescued it from Systema. I had a MOE grip on for a while, so the armature needed to be fixed. Never liked the tighter sound much, and now it’s gone.

Now, when you entrust a job to Tac, you are assured of two things: a quality job…and a long wait. However, I’d heard he’d been working hard to clear his backlog. Imagine my surprise when the same day Tac received the lower, I got an email to say he’d sorted it out and asking where I’d like it sent? To say I feel valued as a customer is an understatement.

So, this blog is as much about unicorns as it is a thank you to Tac for exceeding my expectations. Thanks Tac 😀


After I published this, Tac got in touch with this admission…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos