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“…having tried the multicam look, I decided to bring down the contrast and make my gun look more Delta. So here’s the result of the ‘rifle makeover’

I used: Krylon brown, Fosco mud brown, Fosco desert, Fosco marsh grass and Krylon light green”

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“- FCC HK416D conversion kit
– FCC Completed Inner Barrel Hopup System (12.5″ SBR, custom fit)
– Extended PDI inner barrel, inner Diameter: 6,04mm, length 374mm
– FCC CNC completed Gear Box System (SPEED, original trigger)
– FCC Stainless Steel Selector Rack
– FCC Line Set Plate
– FCC G2 2.5 motor
– FCC MOE Custom Grip (Black)
– FCC advanced CPU (3 burst/auto)
– FCC Selector Switch Board
– FCC Mini Mosfet (Switch Device)
– FCC Steel Stock Tube
– AAC 51T Flash Hider
– Systema M90/115/130 Cylinder
– Magpul PTS AAC M4-2000 Silencer Deluxe Version
– Magpul STR Mil-Spec Stock, FDE
– Systema orginal magasin (7 pcs)
– Viking Tactics 2 Point Wide Padded Sling
– Magpuls flat dark earth
– SureFire M600C Scout Light
– EXPS3 Red/Green Dot Sight with QD Mount (repro)
– VFC PEQ-15 Laser Aiming Device (repro)
– 30mm Flip to Side 3X Monocular Magnifier (repro)
– Troy Industries Pushbutton Swivel Rail Mount”