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I played yesterday. Surprisingly, the paint job on my MilCiv gat blended really well with the ATACS AU camo which the team wears.

However, what I did notice was a black mag in the magwell sticks out like a sore thumb. This hadn’t registered previously. When I look at the gun on the bench or floor the grip is black, where the paint has worn off. This sort of balances the black mags. However, when the gun is in use, the grip is covered – leaving the mag out on its own.

So, I decided to paint the mags. I masked the business end with Frog Tape. It’s never let me down and peels off nicely with no residue – even when it’s been on there for a few days.

The first colour on is Humbrol Dark Brown 29. To be followed by a bit of car boot net action.

It took two cans of spray to sufficiently cover the mags, which I was surprised at. A greater surface area than I expected.