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Just spotted this on the Systema PTW Forum’s Facebook page and I just had to cover it.

It’s the nicest CQBR I’ve seen for quite some time. Form follows function, but not only that – as a whole it just works.

Plus, the subtle paint job is a nice touch – and here’s how it went down, step by step:

“First strip everything down (may go without saying, but you never know!)

1) Light coat of khaki krylon, which is always a little disconcerting because it’s so light

2) 2 or 3 broad stripes of Krylon Olive Drab just do break up the base before putting a pattern down

3) Light coating of Sand Krylon through a scrim net over almost the whole rifle (the stripes still show through)

4) Apply Brown Krylon (this is so dark it just sucks up light) on the raised areas and Khaki Krylon on the recesses both sparingly through scrim (turning it round so the pattern isn’t all the same direction.)

5) lastly a very light coating of Sand Krylon just to take the hard edges off

and done!”

And the all important parts list:

“She’s done (for now), so I thought I’d stick some photos up…she doesn’t have the most expensive part list, she doesn’t have the gucciest paint job…but it’s exactly what I wanted. A compact tool that gets the job done!

Parts: Interior
PTW SCK 2008
Lipo Mod
Moisture Proofed
Etiny ECU
Hop Mod

Parts: Exterior
Madbull Troy 9″ TRX Rail
Madbull Troy DOA Flip Up Sights
Troy Claymore Flash Hider*
Troy MCG Vert Grip*
Troy BattleAx CQB Stock*
Magpul ASAP Sling Plate*
Milspec Buffer
MUR 1 Upper
Larue Hand Stop & Index Clips
Barska Euro 30 1.5 – 4.5 Scope + Mount
Surefire M951 + Surfire RIS Switch Kit*”


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