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I’m often asked which BBs I use. The question is an easy one for me, with no deliberation over the answer. No grey areas. No doubts or indecision. There is only one true PTW BB as far as I’m concerned: Green Devil. These are not to be confused for any other BB with devil in the title (or green, for that matter). Green Devil is a brand in its own right and they only do one line of BBs.

The fact is, I don’t know many people who don’t use Green Devil…and I know a lot of PTW users (and that’s not to mention those I’m in regular contact with online).

We all know that PTWs are choosy about ammo and we all know that bio BBs are normally at the very bottom of the recommendation list. Forget about the bio tag in this instance, this is a no brainer. Green Devil just works. Oh – and don’t think because I use a PTW I mince around quietly, taking the odd shot before retiring to the safe zone for a cosy chat; my guns get hard use, plus, I’m just not that good a shot. I rinse through mags and I only stray from burst when the rules dictate.

I’d been using Green Devil in AEGs since they first hit the market, because my local skirmish site was an early adopter. I’ve been using Green Devil in PTWs since 2010 and I’ve never had a bad bag – not one chop, not one misfeed – and no increase in residue build-up over normal, premium BBs (from what I remember of them in standard AEGs). It’s a criticism often levelled at bio BBs, but Green Devil seems to be the exception.

I did try Madbull in my PTWs. Everyone on the Systema PTW Forum used to rave about them, but I didn’t see any gains and I’ve had a few bad bags. Since then, most of the Madbull die hards I know have transitioned to Green Devil. Green Devil now has the immense following Madbull used to enjoy.

OK, we get the message. How about weight?

It’s a very personal choice. Up until six months ago I’d been using 25s, exclusively. I then experimented with heavier weights and adopted 28s; then 3s.

At just under 350 FPS, effective range is greater with 28s and 3s over 25s in all the hop types I use (Tac’d OEM, MDD and Super Hop). By effective range, I mean the BBs stay on target for longer. 30s are marginally better than 28s, but they travel more slowly.

You can download the Green Devil data sheet in PDF format, here.

If you look closely, you’ll see the test data was prepared for someone using the same address as Iron Foot Airsoft…which leads me to believe that although the OEM of Green Devil may very well be located in the Far East, the company which owns the brand is based firmly in the UK. That makes me feel quite good about the brand, I must say.