I’m amazed at how well these two blend. Pics are courtesy of my friend John who has just received a very nice set of Vertx Kryptek Mandrake, from a US ebay seller.

Thanks very much, John – you will be sorely missed since you’ve gone and deliberately moved to Ireland! Although having said that, what better place to use Mandrake?

So the big question is: is the Mandrake blending in with the Multicam, or is the Multicam blending in with the Mandrake?

Having seen these pics, I’d also wager that Mandrake and ATACS FG are a good combination.

John has asked me to point out that the Multicam in use here is genuine, because he’s a proper pimp, like. There are no guarantees the knock-off stuff will blend so well.

 photo photo1_zps62e1dbf1.jpg
 photo photo2_zpsdb53e924.jpg

In contrast, check out Mandrake and MARPAT:

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Not so easy on the eye. Pic courtesy of FireBase-Alpha, which was kind enough to publish one of John’s pics above, on its Facebook page.