These are great, tactile, mobile gloves which are often overlooked in favour of flashier, feature-rich padded gloves with big business sponsorship deals, product placement and massive marketing budgets.

Awesome write up from Overhoppers blog.


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Nomex flight gloves have long been a favorite in various armed forces units around the world and with good reason – they’re a great pair of gloves. They are low-profile, comfortable gloves that allow for a maximum range of digital dexterity while still protecting you from the minor bumps/scratches you may encounter on the field. The leather palms are very grippy and ensure you have won’t be having your primary slip out of your hands any time soon.

They rely on a single small strip of elastic stitched into the underside of the wrist to stay on your hands, which is nice because it allows for a relatively loose fit in the wrist area compared to other pairs of gloves that rely on velcro for retention. This means more breathability, which will come in handy during those long summer afternoons in the sun.

These gloves don’t provide a lot…

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