I was lucky enough to pick up a Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro lower third co-witness mount.

I originally bought the very same mount last year, which I punted because I was convinced that lower third co-witness wasn’t for me. I never actually fitted the DD mount, so I never actually tried it. I made a knee jerk decision, based on my experience with a lower third co-witness mount for an Aimpont M2. A totally different optic, in terms of form factor. I suppose I was playing it safe, because I knew absolute co-witness worked for me across the board and because resale value on the DD Micro mount would be higher, unused.

So, back to present day and I used my T1 quite happily on the mount it came with – an Aimpoint OEM one and yes, it’s lower third co-witness.

As it happens, I don’t much like the OEM mount so what I’ve decided to do is switch out the ADM mount and use that with the T1 and use the DD mount on the Noveske build with the H1. Sounds confusing, but basically I think the ADM mount will look better on the SOF inspired build and the Noveske build will benefit from the DD mount as it will match the front sight – which is also DD.

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