Bit of a blast from the past, but I want to document past PTW configurations as well as new stuff.

I sent my Supa Lite carbine to Tackleberry for TLC, along with some choice bits and pieces. The base gun was my Tackleberried SCK, which I bought from Tony in 2010, with all the usual mods.

Tony works in mysterious ways and his tagline could very well be, “You can’t rush perfection.” However, I didn’t wait any longer than about three weeks on this refresh (earning a Customer Service category) and the work was top drawer, as usual. Tony kept me informed of progress every step of the way, during the actual build.

The gun has continued to be a solid and reliable performer.


Tackleberry built and modded
Prime Colt upper
Prime LMT lower
RS Midwest Industries 7″ Gen 2 SS tube rail
FCC Race trigger (silver)
FCC BAD ASS selector (long arm)
RS Samson rear BUIS
RS American Defense absolute co-witness Micro T mount
RS Aimpoint Micro H1
RS Tackleberry Pmag
RS Magpul ASAP sling plate
RS Magpul STR stock