I’ve always been a massive fan of the OEM steel Systema PTW barrel and I’ve argued blind on several forums that it’s ‘best’. Nowadays, it’s just too bloody heavy.

I hold age, invalidity, Jim and Simon (friends from Gray Fox) responsible for this ignominious climb down…

Dytac mil profile 14.5″ outer: Nice trades, finish is OK and looks to be machined well. But the grub screw is going to need some attention.

There’s a possibility the outer won’t time at 12 O’clock when the barrel nut is properly torqued, because the grub screw doesn’t fill the slot at the front of the upper. And it’s a bloody grub screw!

It probably cost more to tap the barrel and fit the screw than knocking in a pin of the correct size.

Having said all that…it’s luxuriously light.

Flash hider thread is anti-clockwise, to suit the majority of Airsoft flash hiders.

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