We learn – or confirm – more and more on a daily basis, with Strike Ready’s more than helpful flow of reference pics.

Today promoting their next apparel drop, we got this excellent snap shot – implied to be in theatre.

Yes – those are Vans shoes. After all, the company’s tagline is:

Jumping – Skating – Operating


Perhaps more interesting, the image appears to depict an L119A2 long; maybe the same one we saw in the following pic, which I blogged about.

However, today’s pic also appears to confirm part of the setup we saw in the hotly debated HAMR pic, which I also blogged about:

So, another long with light and can:

The light appears to be of the Surefire Scout series. The can presumably is the usual Surefire FA556SA.

Also note that the LA5’s serial number is nicely obscured. The can’s serial is, of course, out of focus.

Don’t forget, Strike Ready’s next apparel drop is today at 20:00 UK time.

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