Once ubiquitous to UKSF kits, I rather thought we’d seen the last of the ITW FastMag (REVIEW).

They’ve been kicking around for years and in 2016 my C2R Ultralite (subsequently retconned as the Lite2) came complete with a FastMag already installed; in the inverted orientation said to be favoured by Hereford at the time (also favoured by my good friend Tactical Optician).

It’s not a new pouch and although ITW soldiers on with revisions (currently Gen 4) and variants (e.g. belt version) the FastMag’s take up appears profoundly lacking in 2020. Or so I thought.

If you’re into UKSF stuff and you’re not already following Strike Ready, get on it. They published a story recently which featured none other than an ITW FastMag.

Even more interesting is that it appears to hold the forth mag on this particular JPC’s mag flap. So that’s three mags in the flap and one on its external PALS, to the left – presumably for fast access. Again, that’s a format I’ve not seen for a while.

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