Following on from their recent L119A2/Vortex Razor HD pic, @strikeready_clothing published another gem today:

We’ve seen the Aimpoint T2 and magnifier TwistMount many times before. However, I think this is the first clear open source image of the BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip Short – angled forward in the Strike Ready pic.

Note the absence of the usual NSN on the A2’s magwell (although it could have been removed via photoshop).

Also note the keyhole forge mark on the lower, between grip and trigger – a detail missed from most replicas.

Next, the sling. It’s the issued 511 VTAC Padded Sling in tan.

Now, in a separate Strike Ready pic from this weekend, we can see in relation to the L119A2 a Surefire FA556SA suppressor (the issued UKSF can), and a Magpul Windowed M3 PMAG in Coyote Brown.

We’re seeing more and more M3 PMAGS (as opposed to EMAGS) in current reference pics, to the extent that it’s become the most obvious choice for a modern L119A2 build.

Also of note is a Glock 17 Gen 4 slide, with Trijicon RMR and Suarez mount. Note that the mount’s front sight post has been removed.

Lastly, in yet another story pic, a Colt Canada GG&G QD forward sling attachment point.

Thanks to @strikeready_clothing for posting the pics in their story – check out their apparel on their website

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