@strikeready_clothing is well worth a follow, not least because of L119A2 reference pic gems like this:

The FDE Vortex Razor HD Gen II and black Geissele Super Precision Mount have been rumoured to be in use with the UKSF L119A2 for some time (this pic shows a 15.7″, ‘long’ A2); so it’s gratifying to see the first piece of incontrovertible evidence.

Also of note is what appears to be an old gen Vortex SV-3 Switchview Throw Lever.

Similarly, at the front end of the optic, there is what could be a piggybacked Reptilia Trijicon ROF-90 RDS mount (height unknown). However, there’s no evidence of the deep trades you’d expect to see.

With that said, this could perhaps be a sterile item – or an early version which may not have received trades.

Big thanks to @jay_taranis for tipping me off and ID’ing the salient parts before I’d even had my first coffee

Also thanks to @strikeready_clothing for posting the pic in their story – check out their apparel on their website

Give them both a follow!

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