As far as the blog is aware, this is the very first DEVGRU recce inspired build of its type.

And, as usual, it pisses all over even its nearest competitors in terms of legit parts; aptly demonstrating that next to Gray Fox’s Jack we are all poors with lizard tendencies and should probably give up…or be inspired.

That was the dilemma I faced when I saw Jack’s very first Systema PTW build in 2013: should I give up, or try much harder? Because while Jack’s is a level of cloning that most of us will never get to, it’s also a boot up the arse to do better.

Of course, Jack himself didn’t get here by accident and was in turn inspired by his area of study – all things DEVGRU.

He’s kindly sent over some public reference pics, to help illustrate the type of recce build this is. You’ll find the reference pics heading below, prior to the parts list for the upper.

You can also catch up on part 1 of the series here.

And read about Jack’s Slayde inspired build here.

Now back to that recce upper…

Reference Pics Which Inspired Jack’s Recce Upper

I really love the Grippods in the pic above. Jack has gone the gucci route with his Wilcox Control Grip, but if anyone is planning a similar build Grippods are cheap, easy to source and seemingly popular with DEVGRU.

Similarly the Ops Inc. cans are awesomely distinctive. Jack tells me that adapting the G&P Ops Inc. hider (one of the few airsoft parts used for the upper) was achieved with an adaptor, made by Camo Custom.

Jack has a lot of time for the Camo guys which means quality to me, because he’s one of the people I trust in these matters. The adaptor converts the RS thread of his HAO barrel to airsoft spec.

Recce Upper Parts List

  • HK416D upper receiver
  • HAO 416D barrel*
  • G&P Ops Inc can*
  • PRI Gasbuster charging handle
  • LA5
  • Wilcox Control Grip
  • Nightforce 2.5-10×24 Nav
  • Nightforce 1.5 Ultralite rings
  • Wilcox Mount
  • 7MOA Docter
  • RULR Mount
  • PVS-22 CNVD

*Denotes airsoft

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